4-Day High Performance Composites Workshop

This course has been designed as a hands-on and intensive tutorial to introduce you to the techniques and materials required to produce world class composite components. Run over the duration of two consecutive weekends (ie. Saturday/Sunday/Saturday/Sunday), the High Performance Composites workshop will teach you how to take the ideas in your head, turn them into 'real world' 3-dimensional objects called a 'pattern', use that pattern to make super-accurate composite moulds, and finally produce cosmetically beautiful, high performance carbon fibre components.

Whilst theoretical information will be part of the course, this workshop will mostly focus on giving you the chance to just 'have a go', rather than simply listening or watching. Naturally some basic understanding or experience of composite manufacturing may make things easier, however there will be plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion to ensure that this course is suitable for all ability levels. Upon completion of the course, all participants will have been provided the theoretical understanding of the processes, as well as completed each process themselves using best-practice technique, and you will be able to take your completed patterns, moulds and carbon fibre components home with you if you wish. Whilst you may require a bit more learning and experience before becoming a composites engineer for NASA, you will be ready to tackle your own composites projects head on without wasting time and money trying to learn the process by yourself!


All the necessary materials, equipment and safety gear will be provided. If you have a specific project that you would like to bring with you to complete during the course rather than using the provided content, please contact us to discuss it first. If it is feasible to complete within the time-frame of the course, then we are definitely open to you doing so, but it may require an adjustment to the course price depending on the material usage.

Course Overview
Day 1: Pattern Making


Day 1 of the course will introduce you to the concept of how to turn the idea in your head into a physical 3D object.  You will be shown how the use of drawings, both hand sketched or CAD software assisted, can give you the framework you need to build a 3 dimensional form using 2 dimensional profiles. You will learn about the different materials that can be used, and how to choose which ones are right for specific applications, and then you will put it into practice by building an original pattern yourself before learning the basics of body filling, sanding and spray painting in order to coat and finish your pattern to a professional standard in preparation for Day 2.

Day 2: Mould Making


Day 2 of the course will cover using your original pattern to create a 'female mould', or tool. You will learn of a range of different materials that can be used, and what to keep in mind when choosing the materials for the job at hand. This day will pick up where you left off, by wet-sanding and polishing your patterns to an 'A-Class' high gloss finish. You will then learn (and undertake yourself using the patterns you made on Day 1) how and why to create flanges and barriers for your mould, how to prepare your pattern so that a composite tool can be made from it, and then how to laminate your composite tool using your choice of tooling system.

Day 3: Resin Infusion and 'Pre-Preg' Lamination


Day 3 will begin the following weekend, and will be the most intense part of the course due to the amount of information we need to cover! The day will be broken into two parts, starting with resin infusion in the morning. You will be given a basic run-down of what the process is and how it works, as well as the types of reinforcements that can be used, before a quick demonstration to reinforce what you've just learned. From here you will conduct your own resin infusions using moulds that we have pre-prepared for you. You will be able to select which reinforcements you use from the Unzipped Composites stock, so you can utilise materials you are thinking of using for your own project or let your creative side go wild! Along the way you will learn how to handle the materials, accurately layup your reinforcements and consumables, correct vacuum bagging methods, how to calculate resin consumption, and more!


Following completion of our successful resin infusions, we will have a short break for lunch which will be provided. After the break we will move onto pre-preg processing. Again you will be given a short briefing on pre-preg where you will learn what out-of-autoclave pre-preg is, what it's advantages and disadvantages are, and how to work with it. Following the briefing, you will laminate your own pre-preg carbon fibre components using the moulds you made on day 2, before learning how to vacuum bag them and cure them.

Day 4: Demoulding, Trimming and Finishing


Day 4 is the shortest day on the course, and will begin with demoulding your now cured pre-preg and resin infused components. We can then have a short debrief to go over any potential flaws in the parts and discuss what went wrong, how to fix them, and how to avoid them occurring again in the future. After this, we will move onto trimming the parts and cleaning them up so that they can be handled safely. We will then finish up with waxing and polishing the finished components for a truly professional finish. From here, for those who wish to stay for a bit longer, there will be an open forum where participants can discuss their own personal projects and receive advice on how to approach them, or get answers to any lingering questions that they may have. This will also be an opportunity to purchase materials from our stock, or if we don't have it in stock then it can be ordered in for you.

The course will be run by Unzipped Composites, but very kindly hosted by Maddog Customs in their Wangara workshop.  The spacious and modern workshop has a fully operational downdraught spray booth, and a dedicated area will be specially fitted out with delegate benches and equipment, all of which will provide a great atmosphere for the course. 


Please be aware that Maddog Customs are a customisation shop for race cars, and as such there may be grinding and welding going on in the areas adjacent to where we are working. We will try our best to coordinate together so that we don't interfere with each other!

Course Details

Start time:                         9:00am

End time:                           5:00pm (Subject to change depending on progress throughout the day)

Refreshments:                   Some lunch and refreshments provided.


Venue:                                 7/49 Conquest Way, Wangara, WA, 6065.

Booking Information

Next course dates:                       TBA

Number of attendees:                  6 (max)

The price of this course is $1100 per person


There is a minimum deposit of $500 required to secure your place. Deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE, as it goes towards purchasing the materials for the course. We understand that circumstances change, and in the event that you can not make it for the course, we will attempt to resell your place. If we are successful, we can then refund your deposit after receiving the deposit from the person taking your place. 

After you have booked your place, you will be sent a 'Welcome Pack' via email which contains all the relevant information you need to know for the course. Please read this information carefully to ensure you come prepared!