Unzipped Composites was formed in 2013 by Martin Hanbury. Martin has always been a motoring enthusiast and a keen DIY-er, with modifying his R34 Nissan Skyline one of his passions. Naturally when modifying an import carbon fibre is something that comes up quite often. After being continually dissatisfied with the quality of commercially available carbon fibre components, Martin decided to try his hand at fabricating his own and immediately knew he had found another passion. 

Unzipped Composites has since had the privilege of working on some of the most high end motorsport builds in Western Australia, with some of the brightest minds the industry has to offer.  Being involved with these projects has fast-tracked our experience, and infected us with the drive to provide truly world-class composite solutions.

In addition to our fabrication services, we are also excited to have recently announced our brand new practical workshops. Designed to make high end composite components more attainable for everyone, these workshops will teach you the skills and techniques you need to be able to produce your very own advanced composites!  Our vision is to one day provide facilities and equipment for hire to the average hobbyist, in addition to continuing our fabrication and training services.