Practical Training Courses
New to Composites?

Our hands-on workshops are the best way to dive right in and get your hands dirty, without the steep learning curve that comes with attempting things on your own. Modern resources like YouTube are a fantastic tool for learning a new skill, but at some point you need to commit and put it into practice. This is when you come across difficulties like trying to source the same materials that you saw used in an instructional video from another country, or troubleshooting a problem when things don't go to plan. Unzipped Composites has spent the last 5 years locating the best materials both locally and internationally, and has the experience needed to guide you through the process in the fastest and most effective way. 

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4-Day High Performance Composites Workshops
2-Day Cosmetic Carbon Workshop
Customised Training Courses

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

4-day hands-on workshop covering all the necessary skills for creating your own high performance composite components. 

2-Day introduction to working with carbon fibre. Covering the less-advanced processes like skinning and wet-lay vacuum bagging.

Tailored training courses to suit your needs! Whether it's how to repair carbon fibre panels, how to make vehicle front splitters; you pick the subject and we'll teach you how to do it!

"In order to learn anything, and especially to learn it at the deepest level, one has to experience it, wrestle with it, reflect on it, live with it."

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